We offer you scientifically sound, unbiased evaluations. We aren’t compromised by slanting our evaluation of your problem or situation by wanting to sell you something (a product that supposedly solves the problem we identified or a service offered in-house) or by looking to refer you to someone else for a commission.


Our principal investigator, Roderick Thorpe, has 20+ years of experience in the indoor air quality/environmental evaluation field. He has examined a wide range of problems and situations in thousands of large and small buildings of all types (including residential, commercial, institutional, governmental) from a single closet in a house to an entire large high rise building or a large school or a small office.

Education and training

Roderick Thorpe has sound fundamental knowledge in the indoor environmental consulting field after having completed an MSc degree in chemistry plus a graduate course in indoor air quality at the Building Studies Department, Engineering Faculty of Concordia University. Further specific investigational training has come from an Indoor Air Quality Professional course from the American Indoor Air Quality Council (now American Council for Accredited Certification- ACAC) and an indoor air quality inspection course from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation- CMHC. He supplements this training by regularly attending conferences, courses and seminars throughout North America on new developments in the indoor environmental field.

We care

Because we are a small company, there is always the same person to be there to first listen to what you have to say, then clearly explain to you how we can help solve your problem or assess your building’s condition. That same person will be the same one to come to your premises or business and work to solve your problem or assess the condition. He will work relentlessly at this task until we have a viable solution for you.

In summary, we commit to do an unbiased evaluation of your building’s problems or conditions to arrive at a viable solution helped by our appropriate education, training and experience and all because we care.


We not only scientifically evaluate the risk and extent of environmental problems (such as pollutants including mould) in a building, but we can advise you on the safest and most effective specific techniques for solving these problems.

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Company Profesionals

Roderick Thorpe, president of Enviroparfait (Enviroperfect Inc.) of Montreal, Quebec, is a senior indoor environmental quality investigator with 30+ years of experience in indoor investigations, project management, building services and chemical analysis. He has successfully completed the following educational accomplishments:

He is a member of:

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His skills include:

Corporate Information

Enviroperfect was founded in Montreal in 1997 and is a 100% Quebec-owned and operated indoor environmental/ air quality consulting business. We have become successful because we listen to your needs and provide independent professional analysis of all types of indoor environmental (including air) quality problems. Because we focus on solving your indoor environmental problems, we are constantly researching the safest and most effective techniques. For example, we can not only scientifically evaluate the risk and extent of microbial contamination in a building, but we can advise you on the safest, most effective and most environmentally-friendly mould control techniques such as the Aegis Microbe Shield™ Program.

Mission Statement

To be a leader in Quebec in problem-solving- be able to identify the source and causes of all indoor environmental/ air quality problems and then find the most appropriate solution that actually solves the client' s problem. To help the client implement these solutions in the most efficient and effective manner possible at the most reasonable cost possible. Where possible, to advise the use of the most environmentally-friendly products and technologies that meet these criteria. Above all, to provide outstanding service to the client- always be available when the client needs help and be flexible enough to provide detailed advice on these solutions to suit the client's schedule. To accomplish this by nurturing an exceptional team of dedicated professionals.

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