But what’s the problem with current disinfection procedures?

This is alarming that the current routine disinfection of surfaces is short-term, ie., it does not last! Usually alcohol-based and quat-based products, which are effective at disinfecting frequently-contacted surfaces, last from minutes to perhaps hours, depending on the particular disinfectant. After this time, a person carrying the virus or other microbes could touch the disinfected surface and it will be contaminated again. Yes, you can disinfect the surface again but in some busy areas that serve the public, there may not be enough time or enough disinfectant or the areas are not disinfected completely because of time pressure.

What’s the solution to this problem?

The ideal solution then is to apply a long term treatment to a clean surface which will kill microbes on contact with the surface.

COVID-19 disease is caused by a strain of the SARS corona virus, referred to as the novel coronavirus. The long term treatment, the AEGIS Microbe Shield®, has been tested against a few specific viruses and found to be effective, although this claim has not yet been submitted to Health Canada and it has not been specifically tested against the novel coronavirus. On the other hand, quaternary ammonium-based antimicrobials (quats) have long been used in medical settings as disinfectants against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The Aegis antimicrobial also uses a quat-based compound but what makes it long term is that the quat is attached to a reactive silane that allows it to bond to virtually any surface. This then makes that surface effective as a broad spectrum antimicrobial. Aegis, under the name AEM 5700, has been approved by Health Canada for use as a material preservative on non- food contact building surfaces in preventing growth, material damage and odours from a broad spectrum of microbes.

Treatment would be best applied to surfaces that people touch or could sneeze on when entering a building, including door handles, knobs, crash bars, fixtures, taps, switches, telephones, desks, toilets, tables, sinks. Does this solution replace regular disinfection procedures? No, but this is meant to complement not in any way replace your regular cleaning and disinfection procedures and adds a further layer of protection against proliferation of microbes on surfaces.

How is the Aegis Microbe Shield applied?

It is applied by specialists trained to know exactly how and where to apply the product in a mist or fog to virtually any surface.

Is it safe?

The Aegis Microbe Shield is the only Health Canada registered, bonding, antimicrobial surface treatment approved for commercial applications. What does it cost? This depends on the area treated and since it is only necessary to be applied to frequently touched surfaces and the cost depends on the surface area treated, most public areas can be treated for as little as $200 ($100 fixed cost plus approximately $1 per sq ft of treated surfaces).

Where and how soon can I get the treatment?

Call 514-990-7167 for a free estimate and a specialist will apply the treatment when you are available. (NB prices are subject to taxes and treatments will be subject to availability of our specialists).


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